Compassionate Ministries – This ministry provides support to the poor and suffering in our church and the local communities. They help share the love of Christ to the world in a tangible and sacrificial way. Compassion is a desire to free others from their suffering. God’s compassion is empathy not sympathy so we strive to empathize with the poor and suffering, and to offer assistance.

The Food Pantry is stocked with various types of non-perishable items such as canned goods and cereal, and uncooked pasta, to mention a few. The Pantry is maintained through food and monetary donations from church members and the general public. Due to the limited space available and the size of the pantry it would be best to categorize it as an “on call pantry” and is currently only able to support the congregation of the church, but we do not turn away anyone we can assist. Contact the church office for assistance.


Benevolence Ministry – The Benevolence Ministry is a ministry designed to help needy or hurting people in the congregation or community. It has been modeled after the Acts of the Apostles. The Apostles appointed seven men from the congregation to minister to those who had needs. This freed the Apostles to focus on prayer and the ministry.

People who want to help others and give to this ministry may contribute. These funds are put into a special account and used only for helping the poor and/or needy. Anyone with a legitimate financial need can benefit from our Benevolence ministry. They should be willing to accept financial counseling and be willing to help others when they get back on their feet. All applicants are screened for need and should be willing to share personal information with the committee. Contact the church office and they will help you with the process of applying for help.