History Grace Pointe Church was born in a tent revival in the summer of 1924 as the Westbrook Church of the Nazarene.  After seventy-eight  years, eight pastors, several building programs, a merger with the Bridgeport Church and a subsequent name change, Grace Pointe migrated in 2002 to the intersection of Morris Street and Raceway Road; a small congregation with a big vision of what God could do.


Our Birth January 1926 with Rev. Alvin E. Kerst

Organized as The Westbrook Church of the Nazarene By District Superintendent J.W. Short With 37 charter members


Significant Milestones

1924-1925 Tent meetings and house worship

1925-1960 Worshipped in 30′ by 50′ church building Studded with bits of shiny glass

1940-1950 Two-story education wing added

1960-2002 Worshipped in $150,000 sanctuary Exterior made of Indiana sandstone trimmed in Indiana limestone

1970 Added a Family Center adjacent to sanctuary

1941-1991 Radio ministry

1976 50 years old as a Nazarene church 5 Charter members honored Dr. Ross Lee, District Superintendent

1996 Merger with Bridgeport Church of the Nazarene

2001 Name change Grace Pointe Church of the Nazarene

2002 Relocation to new facility Corner of Raceway Road and Morris Street
2003 Integrated Hispanic community with Congregation for shared Worship, fellowship and ministry



Our Pastors

Rev. Alvin Kerst 1926 – 1931 (5 years)
Dr. O.L. Maish 1931 – 1937 (6 years)
Rev. Harry Carter 1937 – 1943 (6 years)
Dr. Leo Davis 1943 – 1946 (3 years)
Rev. M.J. Jones 1946 – 1951 (5 years)
Rev. B.L. Wilson 1951 – 1964 (13 years)
Rev. J.E. Childress 1964 – 1991 (27 years)
Rev. Keith Robinson 1991 – 2009 (18 years)
Rev. Chris Galloway 2009 – 2013 (4 years)


Archival Moments

WESTBROOK’S CHARTER MEMBERS (* denotes charter member honored at 50 year milestone)

Rev. Alvin E. Kerst Pastor Clyde A. Bates Cecil M. Bates
Bertha Kerst Marjorie C. Bates Opal Bates
Grover C. Bates Thomas S. Bracken Charles L. Brickert
Lelia Bates Laura E. Bracken Sarah E. Brickert
Cecil F. Clifton Belle Darnell John F. Ferguson
Rufus F. Ferguson* John F. Herr Henry Herr
Marguerite Ferguson* Cora Herr Lena M. Jay*
Clarence LaFara Millard F. Martz Emma Meyers
Sallie Meyers Thomas Mitchell Garrison H. Price
Ida Mae Mitchell Sara A. Mitchell Ralph Moneymaker
Elsie Grace Price* Walter Price Dora Phillips
Astrid Richards* Elizabeth Trinkle George Williamson

The heritage of the past is the seed That brings forth the harvest of the future…