Greetings Grace Pointe Family! We are better together!
That catchphrase has never felt more real than right now. The reality is that Jesus never designed His Church to exist in isolation. While we have incredible technology that allows us to see each other, there is no substitute for being in the physical presence of those we love. I’m anxious for that to happen. You’re anxious for that to happen. The following information will provide some information that will help us toward that end.
The leadership of Grace Pointe has set Sunday, June 14th, as our return to in-person worship gatherings barring anything unforeseen. This date reflects the Governor’s fourth of five stages toward reopening our state.
In advance of our June 14 return to worship, the following are important guidelines we are asking you to adhere to if you choose to gather with and honor your Grace Pointe family on this exciting day.
Critical – If you have fever, body aches, runny nose, etc., or have been in contact with anyone who has, please err on the side of caution and stay home. If you have a persistent cough, please stay home. This request is for your safety and those around you. We thank you ahead of time for honoring your church family in this way.
• Due to social distancing recommendations of six feet between people or family units, Grace Pointe will be offering two morning worship services at 9 & 11 AM with a capacity of 150 in each service. In order to track our numbers for each service, please take a moment today to REGISTER yourself/household for the service of your choice using the link provided.
• The Governor of Indiana is recommending that on June 14 those over 65 may venture out cautiously.
• Those who are immune compromised should proceed cautiously and consider staying home.
• Sanctuary seating will be in every other row.
• Face coverings at this stage will be optional but recommended.
• Hand Sanitizer will be available but if possible, bring your own.
• The doors of the church will not be opened until 20 minutes prior to the service.
• No bulletins will be handed out nor any activity papers for children.
• No children’s church or childcare at either service. Families will worship together.
• Restrooms have diaper changing tables and comfortable seating for nursing mothers.
• No additional adult, youth or children’s activities of any kind inside the building through the month of June.
• No offering plates will be passed. There will be a drop box to deposit your offering.
• No Communion for now.
• No drinks or food will be served.
• No Altar gatherings
• Only family household units may sit together
• Facilities will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to and in between worship services.
• Please avoid shaking hands or embracing.
• There will be a designated entrance and exit.
• When worship service is concluded, people will be dismissed by rows and asked to leave the building immediately. This will enable us to prepare the building for the next scheduled event
If these suggested guidelines create difficulty for your situation, we encourage you to continue to view us online through our Facebook page or our website at Your health matters to us so please do not feel obligated to physically attend at the building. Carefully consider what is best for you and those who will be around you.
Connect Groups are Grace Pointe’s main method for people to connect with others in a meaningful way. We are encouraging the following at least through June:
• Connect Groups are encouraged to meet outside or at alternate locations. We are also encouraging Connect Groups to arrange online meetings via Zoom or other electronic means.
• If you would like assistance or information regarding joining or leading a Connect Group or setting up a virtual Connect Group, please contact Pat Lamb at patlamb1@LIVE.COM
If you have questions or concerns about anything including Better together Sunday, simply reply to this email.
You Are Loved!
Pastor Tim Kellerman